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Wood Smokers


Offset smokers are the kings of the barbecue world, used by everyone from backyard cooks to professional pitmasters. When you own an offset smoker, it says you are serious about your BBQ.  By burning charcoal and/or wood in the side firebox, the meat is cooked in the main chamber over indirect heat, creating moist and tender BBQ.  Smoke is drawn through the cooking chamber to give the meat a rich smoky flavor.

Yoder Smokers has developed a reputation of building some of the best smokers in the industry, all handcrafted in America. With super-strong welds on all joints and over 6mm steel plate construction, these smokers are guaranteed to last a lifetime, without rusting through or burn-out.  And maintaining temperatures is as easy as sitting outside with a beer in your hand, smelling that irresistible BBQ!

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