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Pellet Grills


If you are looking for a pellet cooker look no further than Yoder Smokers - the top pellet grill on the market.  As soon as you lift the lid it will be clear that there is no comparison.  While other pellet grills are made from thin sheet metal and cannot get hot enough to sear a steak, Yoder grills are handcrafted from thick steel to last a lifetime and will put a perfect steakhouse sear on your meat.

Available either as a standard version for home use, or with beautifully constructed carts with large wheels for easy mobility - perfect for caterers, restaurants, and party services.

GRILL     |     SMOKE     |     BAKE

Yoder pellet grills burn 100% hardwood pellets, allowing them to maintain extremely consistent temperatures. They can achieve low temperatures for smoking or get extremely hot for searing steaks. A digital controller gives you ultimate control over your grill and allows you to "set it and forget it" without constantly maintaining a fire. Hardwood pellets are extremely efficient and produce very little ash, while giving off a beautiful aromatic smoke and classic wood flavor that will produce professional quality BBQ even for beginners.

They are the ultimate in versatility, capable of replacing your gas grill,  charcoal grill, and wood smoker.

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