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Shipping times are estimates and are based on time of pickup, not time of order, and do not include time for order processing.  Shipping time may vary depending on holidays, final destination, import customs, etc.  We do not guarantee the shipping times stated in the options.  We reserve the right to use the carrier of our choice with a similar delivery time.

Orders up to 30kg are shipped by parcel service.  Delivery time varies from 2 days to 8 business days depending on location.  Returns, re-deliveries, or re-routings may incur additional shipping charges.

Orders over 30kg are shipped by truck freight.  Delivery time varies from 3 days to 10 business days depending on location.  Returns, re-deliveries, or re-routings may incur additional shipping charges.
When shipping by truck freight we do our best to package the products so that they arrive in perfect condition.  But these are big, odd-shaped and heavy smokers and occasionally damages can occur in transit.  Upon arrival, inspect the pallet and packaging while the driver is present.

  • If the product is severely damaged (bent or broken parts, deep scratches, etc);  take photos and note the damages on the delivery note.  If the damages are repairable (parts can be replaced), accept the shipment and contact us.  If the product is critically damaged and is not repairable, refuse the shipment. 
  • If smaller cosmetic damages are visible (torn packaging, broken pallet, etc), take photos and then open the packaging while the driver is still present and inspect the product to make sure larger damages are not present inside.  Note ANY damages in the delivery note, even minor.
  • If shipping damages are found after the driver leaves, take photos and contact us WITHIN 3 DAYS of delivery.  These hidden damages cannot be claimed after 3 days.
  • NOTE:  minor scratches and abrasions to the black high-heat paint are not considered as damaged shipments as they are easily and quickly repaired with the included can of original Yoder paint.  This paint is designed and chosen for this purpose throughout the lifetime of your smoker.  Please contact us for instructions if minor touch-ups are required at any time.
  • Standard YS480s and YS640s are shipped in boxes with the bases disassembled.  Instructions can be found on the outside of the box which explain how to begin the assembly process, which usually takes about 30-45 minutes.  Two people are recommended for this process.

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