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Pro Q Cold Smoke Generator

Easy and affordable cold smoking

The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is a great little gadget that makes cold smoking easy to do and affordable. Released in 2010 it is now used by top chefs, fishermen, hunters and “foodies” around the world to add a wonderful smoky flavor to foods such as fish, bacon, hams, eggs, cheeses, beef, venison, salami, butter, salt and nuts. The ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is designed to produce smoke for up to 10 hours, using ProQ smoking wood dust which is of a high quality and sourced from sustainable forests (other brands of dust may not produce the same results). Our original CSG is most effective in containers that have a capacity of between 30 Litres - 150 Litres - The ProQ Eco Smoker (33 Litres) and Frontier Elite (105 Litres with 2 stackers) are ideal.

€ 41,99
Tax incl.



  • Cold smoke foods such as fish, bacon, cheese, butter and much more
  • Can be used in ProQ® Smokers, Bradley Electric Smokers, Weber Smoky Mountains (WSM), Brinkmann Smoke n Grills, in fact, just about all existing BBQs, even kettle BBQs provided they have a lid
  • Comes with enough smoking wood dust for 10 hours of smoke
  • Made from high grade Stainless Steel
  • As featured on Gadget Man TV series


  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 350g

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