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Pro Q Cold Smoke Generator - Artisan

Easy and affordable cold smoking

The “Artisan” Cold Smoke Generator is a larger version of the highly successful original CSG. Designed to work in containers from 150L and above in capacity, this product is perfect for semi-commercial use or just for those customers wanting to cold smoke more food in larger containers. This larger CSG is also designed to work perfectly in the ProQ Excel Elite (with 2 or more stackers).

€ 59,99
Tax incl.



  • Cold smoke foods such as fish, bacon, cheese, butter and much more
  • Can be used in ProQ® Smokers, Bradley Electric Smokers, Weber Smoky Mountains (WSM), Brinkmann Smoke n Grills, in fact, just about all existing BBQs, even kettle BBQs provided they have a lid
  • Perfect for semi-commercial use
  • Made from high grade Stainless Steel
  • 300g capacity (comes with one free load)
  • 16 hour average burn time
  • Made for smokers of 150L or more


  • Dimensions: 28 x 25 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 400g

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