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Pro Q GFC 4200

Gravity-fed commercial smoker

The GFC series from ProQ have been developed and designed to bring a viable solution to Commercial BBQ, whilst maintaining the authenticity of cooking with real fire and smoke. With a wide range of features to ensure a reliable and sustainable alternative to electric or gas smokers, these beasts will give you the consistency and reliability required in a catering environment.

The ProQ GFC4000 is our largest gravity feed, able to fit a grown man inside without hassle. Weighing in at 440KG, and measuring 1.83m long, it's a beast. With a capacity for around 80 racks of baby back ribs, or around 20 pork shoulders, this smoker is made for commercial use.

Bridging occurs in some gravity feeds, the charcoal sticking halfway down the chute and cutting off the fuel to your fire – Not on the ProQ GFCs, our charcoal chute is too wide for bridging to occur, and also offers a much bigger capacity than seen on most units.

All of the components inside the cooking chamber and charcoal chute are removable (including the baffle, fire grate, and ash/wood pan) making this one of the easiest to clean smokers on the market, and with the water and drip pans made to standard Gastronorm sizes, they’re easily replaced too.

€ 5 795,00
Tax incl.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Large restaurants & caterers
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  • Charcoal capacity: 18-20 kg. 1 load of lumpwood charcoal runs for 20 hours
  • Fully insulated doors with heavy-duty slam latches
  • Large, heavy duty wheels and tie down rings
  • Capacity for 9 grates (5 provided)
  • Probe port for external thermometers
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Bottle opener
  • Foldable table with 1/2 Gastro holder


  • Dimensions: 162 x 90 x 183 cm
  • Grill Grate size: 61.5 x 68 cm
  • Weight: 440kg

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