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Kokoko LONG 10kg

Premium long-lasting charcoal for professionals

The charcoal for professionals, designed to glow as hot as possible and as long as possible. The 15cm long bricks are packed in handy cartons, perfect for stacking and transporting, even in small spaces. Thanks to the stable carton, there is no loss due to breakage or abrasion.

The hole in the center provides a necessary oxygen supply for a nice, constant ember. Firmly pressed like normal briquettes and with a much higher carbon content they keep the temperatures high for many hours - up to 7 hours without replenishing.

The Kokoko LONG is great for long cooks or large grills. The heat production and long-lasting qualities mean that it is far more efficient overall than using cheap charcoal.

€ 24,99
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  • Burns 3x longer than charcoal
  • Smokeless and odorless
  • Easy cleaning - only 6% ash
  • Kokoko is 100% natural leftover products from the coconut industry and is thereby protecting valuable forests
  • With Kokoko you need much less coal to produce the same heat as with ordinary charcoal


  • Carbon content: 81%
  • Humidity: 9%
  • Ash: 6%

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