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BBQrs Delight Wood Pellets - Cherry

All natural high quality food-grade wood pellets

This sweet, fruity smoke is great for pork, seafood, and poultry and gives the meat an attractive pink color. It can also be used to create your own blends.

Our 100% natural hardwood pellets are produced from high-quality wood for a clean, pure smoke with minimal ash. The quality of the pellets plays a large role in the smoke aroma, pellet consumption, and temperature of a pellet grill. Our pellets create the healthy "blue smoke" prized by BBQ pitmasters - a thick white smoke indicates incomplete burning and contains soot particles. A complete combustion process also means that after hours of cooking, you end up with only a small handful of ash - pellets are an extremely efficient cooking method!

€ 18,99
Tax incl.

NOTE: Free shipping promotions do not apply to bulk orders of pellets unless otherwise noted. For an accurate shipping quote for more than 1 pallet (50 bags) of pellets, please contact us before completing checkout.

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